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 The initiative is hosted by the Department of Mathematics at North Carolina State University and is supported by a grant from the American Institute of Mathematics. The Teachers’ circle collaborates with the Chapel Hill Math Circle for K-12 students and is a member organization of the Math Teachers’ Circle Network and the North Carolina Network of Math Teachers’ Circles.

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Math Teachers! In scheduling our fall meetings we are excited to experience the joy of discovering mathematics together this year! Please know that we will follow all state and national guidelines for social distancing. We will have some meetings online and some meetings outside as the evolving situation warrants. Know that we have your health in mind!

Ranked Choice Voting. Saturday October 17, 10AM-Noon, Online only

What: A free workshop on Ranked Choice Voting. Led by Dr. Linda Green, UNC-Chapel Hill.
When: Saturday October 16, 10AM-12
Where: Piney Wood Park picnic shelter, Durham—ONLINE only.
Who: Math teachers of all kinds: pre-service, K-12, university, retired, tutors, homeschool, and other interested parties.

Have you ever wondered whether the way we choose our elected officials is the best way? And what the other ways are?  We will talk about an alternative way to vote, Ranked Choice Voting, and its benefits and any pitfalls. Teachers will leave with ideas for introducing different voting methods to their students.

Register HERE https://bit.ly/TMTCRankedChoiceVoting    Please register so that we know who is coming and can be sure to follow local and state guidelines for meetings, as well as update you if we need to change something.

Mathematical Modeling and Pooled Blood Testing, Saturday November 7, 10-11:30AM, Online!

What: A free online workshop about Pooled Blood Testing. Led by Maria Hernandez, recently at the North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics
When: November 7, 10-11:30 AM.
Where: Online Zoom meeting, more information to come!

Suppose you have 1000 samples given for testing a community for drug use or for Covid-19.  You could test them all individually, but that would be expensive.  So you decide to test them in pools.  How big should the pools be? How many tests do you expect to do?  These questions can be explored using techniques of math modeling. Teachers will leave with resources they can use for math modeling.

Register HERE: https://bit.ly/TMTCPooledTesting . Please register so that we know you are coming to the Zoom meeting and so that we can update you about any changes.

The birth of non-Euclidean Geometry

Online: Saturday January 23, 3-4:30, via zoom.

I have traversed this bottomless night, which extinguished all light
and joy of my life. I entreat you, leave the science of parallel
alone”, wrote a Hungarian mathematician Farkas Bolyai to his son
János, horrified at the thought that his son is attracted by the
problem of parallels. János was not deterred, however, and discovered,
simultaneously with Lobachevski, a consistent geometry in which the
Euclidean parallel postulate does not hold. We will zoom through the
path of mathematical thought that took over 2000 years, noticing which
results from a high school geometry text-book do not rely on the
parallel postulate, and which are altered completely in hyperbolic
geometry. No background beyond K-12 geometry is required (and do not
worry if it is not fresh in your mind). We will so some hands-on
experiments with free software:

What: a free workshop exploring the birth of Non-Euclidean geometry
Online: Saturday September 12, 3-4:30 PM, Via Zoom
Who: Math teachers of all kinds: pre-service, K-12, university, retired, tutors, homeschool, and other interested parties.
Led by Irina Kogan, NCSU math department

Register HERE: http://bit.ly/TMTCNonEuclid Please register so that we know you are coming to the Zoom meeting and so that we can update you about any changes.

The national Math Teachers’ Circle Network workshop is over, but you can still see the workshops!

The week of July 13 to 17 the Math Teachers’ Circle Network held a week of online free workshops for teachers. The theme was the joy of mathematical discovery, and we played with math with James Tanton, Maria Droujkova, Scott Kim, Joshua Zucker and others. Find the videos of the workshop here!

Enjoy Math, while staying at home!

Unfortunately our planned Spring 2020 meetings had to be put on hold due to COVID 19 pandemic. We wish you all to stay healthy and well during these difficult times. We hope that these free online resourses from AIM Math Communities will help you continue enjoying and learning mathematics. Take care!

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How Playing with Math Helps Teachers Empathize with Students by Katrina Schwartz

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