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May 4 (NOTE DATE CHANGE), 10-12, SAS Hall 2102, NCSU.  “Medical Imaging and other real life uses for mathematics” with Dr. Arvind Krishna Saibaba.

From ultrasound scanners used before birth to environmental sensors that monitor the pathways of harmful substances, imaging technologies play an important role in human lives. In this workshop, I will explain some of the mathematical ideas behind image reconstructions: how they work, what their limitations are, and what uncertainties are associated with interpreting the images generated by imaging technologies.

Bio: Arvind K. Saibaba is an assistant Professor of Mathematics at NC State since 2015. His research interests including inverse problems, numerical linear algebra, and uncertainty quantification. His work is interdisciplinary and he collaborates with scientists in areas such as medical imaging, groundwater hydrology, and atmospheric science. When not working on mathematics, he enjoys hiking and music.

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