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Future Workshops:

Saturday April 14, 10-12, Topics We Love and Topics We Hate to Teach, Dr. Irina Kogan, SAS Hall room 2102, NCSU campus.  Free parking near the building.  Directions: click here. Please register if you plan to come.  To register, click here.   If you would like to suggest topics, click here.

For more info, contact: trianglemtc@gmail.com   

Past Workshops

Saturday March 17, 10 am-12

Mathematics of Set, Martha Bizzell and Dr. Kim Johnson, Chapel Hill Library.   Materials: click here.  Photos: click here.

Mini-intensive workshop on Saturday Feb. 10:

For photos of the workshop, click here.

9:30  – 3:30 in SAS Hall, Room 2102,  on the NCSU campus.  Featured presenters: Natasha Rozhkovskaya (more info, click here) topic: Combinatorics  and probability of dice“Everyone played  games of chance  involving  dice throwing, but not everyone knows that not all  dice are equal.  Dice are an amazing mathematical object with  simple but remarkable  properties.  At the workshop we will look into  curious dice-related  math  and  basic probability questions”

and Hector Rosario – Conjecture and Proof: Nurturing Creativity in the K-12 Classroom In this workshop we will share guidelines for introducing the elements of conjecture and proof in the regular classroom, as well as problems and activities that naturally blend into traditional curricula, yet exposes learners to the joy of doing mathematics.

Tuesday January 23rd, 2018, 5:30-7:30, Creative Problem Solving, Dr. Jere Confrey,

407 Gorman St. Raleigh  More info about Dr. Confrey, click here.  Please register if you plan to come.  All who register in advance and attend the workshop will be entered in a drawing for interesting prizes.  To register, click here.

11/20/17 Candy Cane Algebra Dr. Kim Johnson

9/19/2017 Soma Cube for spatial intelligence, Omnifix cubes to model math concepts from odd/even to the sum of first n integers.  (Soma cube presentation, click here.)

10/21/2017 Develop Understanding with Manipulatives Ryan Dougherty  — in particular, working with materials to model matrix style multiplication, from 2×2 digit multiplication to binomial multiplication

05/06/2017 Math Wrangles Boyd Blackburn  (for more info on math wrangles, click here)

03/04/2017 Spot it! Kim Johnson – analyzing the math involved in the game Spot It! (for more info, click here.)

04/01/2017 Geometry Robot Dr. Irina Kogan NCSU

02/04/2017 Immersion workshop: Chamelion Cubes  Dr. Tatiana Shubin, Dr. Harold Reiter

12/03/2016 Intersection Math Kim Johnson

10/29/2016 Problem-Solving Strategies in Practice Hector Rosario




10/7/2016 Organization meeting Hector Rosario

We have secured professional development credit for CHCCS teachers and are trying to negotiate similar arrangements for neighboring districts.

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